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Ask an Expert

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Through the Ask an Expert service, Greening the Grid connects power system stakeholders in developing countries to experts from our grid integration expert network to provide remote consultation and advice. Our experts provide these services via phone and/or email at no cost to the requester. 

Eligibility for Assistance

The Greening the Grid Ask an Expert service supports requests from developing country government agencies, power system operators, utilities, and regulators—as well as their consultants, technical institutions, and nongovernment organizations—working to significantly increase the proportion of renewable energy in their electricity supply.

Example Questions

Greening the Grid experts can answer specific questions, provide high-level review of drafts of measures and strategies, share best practices from other countries, and engage in consultations by phone and email. The Ask an Expert service can be used to answer the following types of questions:

  • What options are available that might enable my country’s power system to unlock greater flexibility and facilitate the integration of renewable energy to the grid?
  • How can my country’s power system better integrate wind and solar forecasting into system operations?
  • What types of policy, market, and operational mechanisms are likely to be most effective in integrating variable renewable energy at least cost to my country’s power system?
  • What kinds of questions can a grid integration study answer, and what data and models are needed to conduct such a study?
  • What examples are available from other countries?

What to Expect When You Submit a Request

We will contact you within two business days of when you submit your request. If your request qualifies for assistance, you will be matched with the expert most qualified to help you, and you will begin receiving assistance via phone or email consultations.

In general, the Ask an Expert service is intended to provide high-level guidance. For more in-depth support beyond the scope of this service, please .

Our Expert Network

The Ask an Expert service is supported by a group of international experts who collectively bring a deep understanding of the technical, policy, and regulatory issues that surround the integration of variable renewable energy to the grid. These experts include staff at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory who specialize in the technical aspects of energy systems integration and power system transformation. Additionally, Greening the Grid partners with the Clean Energy Solutions Center and its associated Clean Energy Grid Integration Network (CEGIN), which offer customized technical assistance to countries in strengthening clean energy grid integration policies and regulations. Requests to Greening the Grid for clean energy policy, regulatory, and finance assistance will be routed through CEGIN; users can also submit these requests directly.


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