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EV Fleets
Electrifying fleets of vehicles can have an outsized impact in reducing fuel consumption and emissions, improving local air quality, and achieving mobility ...
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Grid Planning and Management
Charging Infrastructure
EVs can refuel (i.e. charge) at electric vehicle supply equipment (ESVE) in different locations, such as homes, workplaces, or public charging stations, which ...
Topics & Resources
Grid Planning and Management
Electric vehicles (EVs) are new sources of demand for the electricity system. This demand, if not properly managed, may drive up system costs and require ...
Pilot Projects
Through Greening the Grid, NREL and USAID work with in-country partners around the world to share best practices, build capacity, and provide technical ...
Technology Basics
Electric vehicles offer many benefits compared to conventional vehicles that use internal combustion engines, but also face numerous barriers to deployment.
Tariff Design
Charging Infrastructure
Data Management
Tools & Templates
Targets and Incentives
Workforce Development
Policy and Regulation
Policymakers at different levels of government—local, regional, federal—can incentivize electric vehicle (EV) deployment through a variety of policies.
EVSE Standards and Communications
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