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Greening the Grid


Access a wealth of power sector transformation resources and guidance that addresses the technical challenges to grid modernization and presents state-of-the-art practices in bringing advanced energy technologies into the power sector.

Grid Integration Toolkit

Grid integration is the practice of developing efficient ways to deliver variable renewable energy (RE) to the grid. The toolkit offers a wealth of resources that have been expertly curated and annotated to assist you in navigating the key topics related to integrating variable renewable energy to the grid.

Distributed Photovoltaics (DPV) Toolkit

The distributed PV (DPV) toolkit offers resources and guidance to support developing countries address barriers to safe, effective, and accelerated deployment of small-scale, photovoltaic systems connected at the distribution-level.

Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) Toolkit

The Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) Transmission Planning Process is a proactive approach to planning, approving, and building transmission infrastructure that connects areas of cost effective renewable energy to load.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Toolkit

Vehicle electrification is a promising pathway to achieving clean energy transitions in the transport sector at-scale. The Electric Vehicle (EV) toolkit offers information and guidance materials to support the safe, effective, and accelerated deployment of EVs.

Energy Storage Toolkit

Energy storage technologies can charge energy from an external source and discharge this energy at a later time. The Energy Storage toolkit offers curated resources and guidance on integrating commercially available energy storage technologies into the power system.


What is Greening the Grid?

The Challenge: Power Sector Transformation, Grid Connected Clean Energy

Greening the Grid addresses the technical challenges and solutions for grid modernization and clean energy development. This website provides an expertly curated library of resources and guidance for developing robust clean energy policies and practices. Greening the Grid also facilitates direct technical assistance tailored to the unique power system characteristics and priorities in partner countries.


What We Do

Technical Assistance and Collaboration

Greening the Grid is a technical platform that offers toolkits of information, guidance materials, and technical assistance to support developing countries in significantly scaling up the amount of variable renewable energy connected to the grid. The technical platform includes toolkits on five key approaches: Grid Integration, Renewable Energy Zones, Distributed Photovoltaics, Electric Vehicles, and Energy Storage.

Ask an Expert

Request Information and Assistance from Our Team

Greening the Grid connects power system stakeholders in developing countries to experts from our power sector transformation expert network to provide no-cost, remote consultation and advice. The Ask an Expert service is supported by a group of international experts who collectively bring a deep understanding of the technical, policy, and regulatory issues that surround the integration of variable renewable energy to the grid.

News and Events

NREL’s Pulitzer Prize-winning staff photographer, Dennis Schroeder, won a photo contest by capturing a blade inspection at the 3-MW GE wind turbine. (Photo by Dennis Schroeder, NREL)

Videos and Webinars

Integrating Variable Renewable Energy into the Grid: Key Issues and Emerging Solutions

This webinar reviews the challenges to integrating significant quantities of variable renewable energy to the grid as well as the emerging solutions that policymakers, regulators and grid operators have taken to integrate wind and solar and meet renewable energy targets. Webinar participants learn about the myths, misperceptions, costs and options for scaling up grid-connected renewable energy, as well as the Greening the Grid website and technical assistance opportunities.
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