Greening the Grid seeks to connect stakeholders and decision makers with training needed to understand and address issues with energy storage systems. Check back frequently to find upcoming events, webinars, and materials from previous Greening the Grid trainings, and links to training on energy storage systems offered by other organizations.

Fundamentals of Energy Storage

This slide deck was developed for and presented at an Energy Fundamentals Course hosted by the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in October 2022. While some of the content in the slide deck is tailored to Bangladesh specifically, this presentation is intended to be a general primer on energy storage that can be utilized for similar purposes by other universities or organizations throughout the world.

Webinar on Utility-Scale Storage: If, When, What Type, How Much, and Where?

This webinar introduces key concepts for understanding the value of BESS. The key concepts include review of the services provided to the grid and exploring when, where, why, and how BESS can be deployed economically.

Energy Storage 101, Part 1: Battery Storage Technology, System and Cost Trends

This first in a multi-part energy storage webinar series covers the state of the technology, energy storage systems and cost trends. The energy storage team at Sandia National Laboratories has combined lessons learned from numerous battery deployment projects and analyses to create this webinar series overview. Future installments in the series include such topics as applications and economics; policy and regulations; safety and reliability; and project development, commissioning, and deployment.

Energy 101, Part 3: Applications and Economics

This webinar, which is the third in a multi-part energy storage webinar series, covers energy storage applications and economics. This webinar includes an examination of when and where opportunities exist, which services can be effectively “stacked,” how revenue-generating opportunities are sometimes limited due to market rules or utility tariffs, and what future opportunities might arise with changes in market rules and regulations.

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