New Resource: Storage Needs For Very High PV Penetration

A new resource is now available on the Demand Response and Storage topic page: Energy Storage Requirements for Achieving 50% Solar Photovoltaic Energy Penetration in California

A new report from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates the storage required to enable PV penetration up to 50% in California (with renewable penetration over 66%), and quantifies the complex relationships among storage, PV penetration, grid flexibility, and PV costs due to increased curtailment. Results indicate that with very low-cost PV (three cents per kilowatt-hour) and a highly flexible electric power system, about 19 gigawatts of energy storage could enable 50% PV penetration with a marginal net PV levelized cost of energy (LCOE) comparable to the variable costs of future combined-cycle gas generators under carbon constraints. 

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