Webinar: Best Practices for Grid Codes for Renewable Energy Generators

A recording of the webinar "Best Practices for Grid Codes for Renewable Energy Generators" has been published. The webinar explains in detail the purpose and key elements of grid codes, explores the evolving challenges to the grid that have prompted new and more rigorous grid codes and highlights the development of grid codes within the United States and internationally.

The Clean Energy Solutions Center, in partnership with USAID and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, hosted a no-cost webinar that explores how grid codes have developed in the United States and internationally. As renewable energy increases at the distribution level, these devices are being required to provide additional support to the grid through services such as voltage ride through and frequency response. Grid codes are the primary mechanism utilities use to ensure these devices are reliably interconnected and are capable of providing the necessary grid services. The webinar details the process for developing IEEE 1547 in the United States as well as highlighting grid codes in Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and India.

The webinar can be found at this link.

Greening the Grid
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