Grid-Scale Battery Storage: Frequently Asked Questions

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has released a fact sheet titled, "Grid-Scale Battery Storage: Frequently Asked Questions." This fact sheet addresses questions and concerns policymakers and grid system operators may have regarding grid-scale battery energy storage systems.

The full fact sheet can be read here. 

This fact sheet discusses issues and topics surrounding battery energy storage at a high level and is primarily geared towards regulators and grid-system operators. It addresses questions on the value of grid-scale battery energy storage to renewable energy integration, the services that batteries provide and key barriers to battery energy storage deployment. The fact sheet also provides examples of services grid-scale batteries can provide to the power system today and how these services can be combined through 'value-stacking,' as well as how the range of services battery systems can provide are determined by their location on the grid system.

Visit the Storage Page on the Grid Integration Toolkit for more resources on this topic.

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