Iquitos Solar Energy Integration Study

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory performed an evaluation of the technical and economic feasibility of incorporating solar photovoltaic (PV) resources into the Iquitos, Peru, power system.

The Iquitos power system is electrically islanded due to its remote location; heavy fuel oil is used to generate electricity in the system, leading to high electricity generation costs from high fuel prices. Solar PV has the potential to provide locally derived energy to ensure a reliable, affordable, and equitable power grid for the Iquitos region.

The main purpose of this report is to answer the following analysis questions related to solar PV deployment in Iquitos:

  • Analysis Question 1—What are the key characteristics of the solar resource in Iquitos and how does this resource impact PV performance?
  • Analysis Question 2—How much solar PV generation can the Iquitos power system reasonably integrate on an annual basis without experiencing excessive solar PV curtailment, given a range of instantaneous solar PV penetration limits?
  • Analysis Question 3—What are the variable generation cost savings from displacing heavy fuel oil generation with solar PV generation?
  • Analysis Question 4—How do energy storage resources impact the amount of PV curtailment and for each modelled scenario?
  • Analysis Question 5: What is the amount of energy storage needed to reduce curtailment to targeted levels?

Visit the Peru page on the Where We Work page to read the full report. 

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