New Webinar Available: "Distributed Solar on the Grid: Key Opportunities and Challenges"

Distributed, grid-connected photovoltaic (DGPV) systems pose a unique set of opportunities and challenges. Key technical and economic challenges related to DGPV integration are shaping how we plan, operate, regulate and even conceptualize the power system.

Panelists in the webinar provided a high-level overview of the USAID Distributed Generation Technical Assistance program, provided some context as to the prospective role of DGPV in developing countries and discussed the key economic and technical challenges/opportunities associated with DGPV programs, including:

  • Challenges of DGPV to the traditional utility business model and potential solutions
  • Various costs and benefits of DGPV
  • Ensuring DGPV systems are “good grid citizens” through promotion of technical standards, interconnection processes and mitigation strategies
  • Challenges and opportunities for distribution system planning under increasing penetrations of DGPV

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