Greening the Grid: Implementing Renewable Energy Zones for Integrated Transmission and Generation Planning

Greening the Grid, in partnership with the Clean Energy Solutions Center, is hosting a no-cost, webinar-based training on Implementing Renewable Energy Zones for Integrated Transmission and Generation Planning. This webinar is part of the recently launched toolkit, a USAID and NREL collaboration designed to support countries in integrating renewable energy into the power system.

In many countries, integrating significant renewable energy to the grid requires new transmission to access the best wind and solar resources and accommodate generation from large projects. The renewable energy zone (REZ) approach provides a policy framework for planning new transmission to encourage utility-scale renewable energy development in areas that have the highest likelihood of being cost-effective. The REZ process involves resource assessment, policy and regulatory evaluation, and private sector engagement and has led to significant deployment of renewable energy in Texas and other parts of the United States that are rich in wind power. By facilitating transmission planning in advance of generator approval and construction, the REZ approach helps to speed the deployment and utilization of renewable energy while minimizing impacts of variable renewable energy on the stability of the power system.

This webinar will introduce the REZ approach, including:

  • The value of REZ to a power system
  • Crucial components of the REZ process
  • Technical approach to defining REZs using geospatial analysis
  • Case studies to highlight examples and key lessons for implementing REZ in other parts of the world

The webinar will be presented by expert speakers, Dan Getman and David Hurlbut, from NREL.

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